Slow Cooker Chuck Steak & Potatoes Meal for Two

Easy Steak & Potato Meal for Two

Inviting a friend over? Prepare a simple steak and potato slow cooker dinner.

One steak is all you need unless you and your friend are big eaters. My friend invited me over for a write-in.

We’re both writing books and working hard to meet deadlines. When I arrived, she surprised me with the announcement that she was cooking our dinner in the slow cooker.

I couldn’t resist peeking to see what was cooking. Four potatoes and a steak.


Steak in the slow cooker
Steak & Potatoes for Two

The nice thing about cooking four potatoes is that my friend has leftovers. We only ate one potato each. She saved half of her steak half (yep, that means I ate ALL of my half😉).

Steak leftovers can be made into sandwiches, chili, burritos – or just steak.

My friend seasoned the steak perfectly, and she has a great way to cook the potatoes. She cuts the end off and hits them hard three times with a sharp knife to break the skin. That way, the potatoes don’t explode. Pretty cool, huh?

  1. Ready for her recipe? Here you are:

    Slow Cooker Chuck Steak & Potatoes

    Chuck steak and baked potatoes in the Slow Cooker 

    Course Main Course
    Cuisine American


    • 1 Each Chuck Steak
    • 4 Each Russet Potatoes

    Recipe Notes

    Seasonings used were:

  • Sweet Ginger Garlic
  • Garlic Powder
  • Chopped Onion
Steak seasoning
Chuck Steak Seasonings

Dinner was superb! My friend Barbara and I accomplished a good bit of work.

The day had started out for me with frustration due to Internet technicalities – not fun for a blogger.

In addition, I took photos with my phone camera. The pictures are sideways. That also adds more setbacks to a food blogger.

In spite of the technical Internet and phone problems, any stress was outweighed by the delicious steak dinner and team writing.



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