Exercise and Slow Cooker Roast Recipe for Truckers

Exercise and Nutrition for

Over-the-Road Truckers

Slow cooker meals for OTR truckers
OTR Trucking

Nutrition for over-the-road (OTR) truckers depends on their health needs. Sitting for hours at a time, stress from constant driving and watching out for distracted drivers, little or no physical exercise, and an unhealthy diet can affect the health of professional over-the-road truck drivers. Included in this article are suggestions on ways to incorporate easy-to-do 15-minute workouts and slow cooker recipes you can make inside the truck.

The trucker cannot drive if Read more

Slow Cooker Squash and Eggplant

Slow Cooker Vegetables

Healthy veggies are not the most popular menu item, but we need them. It’s tricky to come up with veggies that the whole family will eat. If you can come up with a veggie your family likes and it’s cooked in the slow cooker, then you’ve accomplished quite a feat.

I was craving vegetables one day since I’ve been visiting my daughter and her family and picked up squash and eggplant. The challenge was to get the whole family to like it.

Squash and eggplant

When I was a young girl, my mother often cooked squash. I loved it. Yellow summer squash. She didn’t ever cook zucchini. I don’t remember her cooking any other type of squash. But not once can I recall her cooking eggplant. Later, I started ordering an eggplant casserole at Luby’s Cafeteria. That was many years ago, and I don’t usually see eggplant cooked like Luby’s. Sometimes, I cook it on a griddle. I prefer mine peeled, though you don’t have to peel it. My favorite way of cooking it on my griddle is sliced thin, lengthwise, seasoned well, and cooked with a little coconut oil.

This new slow cooker squash and eggplant recipe is different than what I’ve made before. If you like nutritious veggies and you like yellow summer squash and eggplant, then you’ll probably like this recipe. Read more

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