Eight Nutrition Tips on How to Be a Fit Grandma

Enjoy Recipe Favorites, Treats, and Sweets Grandmas, you can become fit and still enjoy foods you like. Like sweets or treats after dinner but trying to cut the sugar out of recipes? Enjoy the same recipes but make them sugar-free.

Refreshing Mango Hawaiian Shakeology for Two

Changing Up Work Out Routines with a Follow Up of Refreshing Shakeology Do you change up your work out routines? The 21-Day Fix DVDs offer a variety of cardio, upper body, lower body, Pilates, Dirty 30, Yoga, and even 10-minute exercises. Enjoy a chilled nutritious Shakeology drink after working out,…

A Light Pear Dessert for One

Pears for Dessert Wanting a dessert but without the extra calories? Fruit helps to fill sweet cravings. Make this delightful pear dessert. It’s quite satisfying.

Shakeology Strawberry Latte Smoothie

Don’t like to eat much fruit or vegetables? Mix them in smoothies. Try fruit with a vanilla, latte, or chocolate flavored Shakeology drink. Making nutritious smoothies, or juicing, is simple to do and a great way to see that your family eats healthy. Vegetables and fruit are natural sources of…

Tips to Help Your Eating Routine When Off Schedule

Do you ever crave a big fat hamburger loaded with onion, tomato, and lettuce on an onion bun? It wouldn’t be a good idea to give in to that craving every day, but an occasional old-fashioned hamburger ON BUNS is SO good! When I get off of my regular routine of…