You Are What You Eat

Black Angus Beef
Black Angus Hamburger

Eat a little. Weigh a little.

Eat a lot. Weigh a lot.

What thoughts do the saying, “You are what you eat”, trigger in you? The question has value and can make a difference in the food you consume. Think of the last time you ate a Black Angus hamburger. Did you feel healthy and strong or miserably stuffed for three days?

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Grilled Veggie-Packed Hamburgers

Hamburgers on the Grill

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Grilled Hamburgers
Veggie-Packed Hamburgers

Barbecue hamburgers have already gone on the grill for this Father’s Day weekend. They’re jam-packed with chopped-up yellow and green bell peppers and onion with one egg added to the mix.

Families with adults kids who dislike eating vegetables, sneak in some colorful bell peppers in your meat. Chop them up very fine and put them in the middle of the patty. Nobody will ever know, and you managed to feed your family healthy vegetables without their knowledge.

Grilled Hamburgers
Stack of Veggie-Packed Hamburgers

These veggie-packed hamburgers remind me of the meatloaf my mother used to cook when I was growing up. I loved the way she baked meatloaf. It looked so pretty when she took it out of the oven and set it on top of the stove. The ketchup she had added (I assume toward the end of baking) covered the meatloaf like topping it with a sauce, almost like a dessert icing (more nutritious than the icing, for sure).

Meat Left Out Overnight

One meatloaf memory sticks with me. I had come in from school one day to eat lunch at home before I drove to the technical school for the afternoon. I heated the leftover meatloaf in the microwave. The meat must not have been evenly heated or warmed up enough in the microwave because I got terribly sick. It was years before I would eat meatloaf again.

On the note of leftover meat, what is your opinion about eating leftover grilled hamburgers? What if you put the hamburgers in the oven (not heated up) to keep flies off of the meat and forget that it’s in the oven until the next morning? I’ve done that. My typical response would be to throw it out just to be sure. If it’s in the winter, you don’t have central air and heating, and the temperature in your house is freezing, then I might eat the meat the next day. Do the safe thing.

Grilled Hamburgers
Smoked Hamburgers on the Grill

Food Blog Grilling

Food bloggers, it doesn’t matter if you use the propane kind or a simple small charcoal type, hamburgers cooked on the grill are worth blogging about. So don’t wait ’til you can afford the propane grill you’ve been wanting before you blog about your summer grilling recipes. Go ahead and share the exciting summer recipes you cook on your little inexpensive charcoal grill. Just take a lot of pictures so you’ll get at least one good photo of the grill.

Ready for summer? The heat is kicking in just in time this weekend for the official day of summer on Tuesday. Sounds like time for grilling to me.


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10 Best Hamburgers

Hamburgers for the Family

Grilled Hamburgers

Spring has arrived! The thought of it makes me think of several things. Outdoors. Flowers. Gardens. Children playing outside. Smelling the aroma of hamburgers on neighborhood grills.

Everyone has a favored type of hamburger. Some like it grilled the old-fashioned way over charcoal. My mother-in-law always told her kids, if the hamburgers (or any other food) were burnt, that charcoal is good for your teeth.

How do you like your hamburgers cooked? Medium well, well done, or medium rare? With cheese? Would you like that with onions?

Grilled Onions

Years ago my friend, Dimity, got me hooked on hamburger buns toasted or grilled with mayonnaise. Toast, bake, or grill the buns too long, and you’ll have charcoal buns. But barely toast it, and it tastes amazing.

Juicy Hamburgers With Veggies for Kids

How is it that when you think you’ve heard of all kinds of ways to cook hamburgers, you hear of another hamburger recipe? Today I heard of a great hamburger recipe for kids. A friend, Sue Jackson, came up with a smart way to fix hamburgers for kids. She had cooked peppers, onions, and roasted veggies a day before making hamburgers. She put the leftover veggies in her food processor and then added them to ground chuck, eggs, Italian breadcrumbs and seasonings. What a great idea!

Photo used by permission from Sue Jackson

A hamburger, to me, means beef. There are turkey burgers, quinoa burgers, veggie burgers, and bean burgers. You can make them all taste wonderful, but they’re still only burgers – not the real thing, hamburgers. Ground chuck. Ground round. You know, beef.

Hamburgers are good for any meal, even breakfast.

Grilled Hamburgers on Muffins for Breakfast

Origin Of The Hamburger

Where did the term “hamburger” come from, anyway? Apparently, it originated from Hamburg, Germany and came to the U.S. in 1904. A hamburger is a ground beef patty placed between two slices of bread. The type of bread can be any type but is usually buns. But what makes hamburgers exceptional is the combination of things, like the type of bread, the seasonings, and other foods mixed in with the beef.

10 Best Hamburgers

Here are 10 of the best kind of hamburgers chosen from family’s and friends’ recipes and Pinterest (follow the links to view photos)

  1. Grilled Sweet Tea Barbecue Hamburgers (made by my husband and me) – (See recipe below)
  2. Sue Jackson’s veggie hamburgers (see above) – Great idea for getting kids to eat veggies.
  3. Patty Melt with Bacon and Caramelized Onions from A Patty Melt is often referred to as a sandwich, but it is beef. It’s just a hamburger between two slices of bread that’s not usually buns, often rye.
  4. Onion Ring Bo Burger from – I love eggs and blog often about them. When I saw this one, I knew I had to try it.
  5. Blue Cheese Burgers on light brioche rolls (and more ingredients that make this exceptional) from – I haven’t tried this particular recipe yet, but it looks SO good. The photo of the brioche rolls alone makes it look delicious. I have had blue cheese hamburgers and loved the flavor. No doubt, I’ll definitely like this recipe. Anxious to try it.
  6. Crescent Burgers from – The photo of this one got me. Two things especially make hamburgers great – the beef and the bread. A simple hamburger with those two ingredients with mayonnaise and mustard would taste superb. Add the extras like bacon, onion rings, and veggies and it becomes totally exceptional. But those crescent rolls….!
  7. Western Bacon Burgers With BBQ Mayo And Crispy Onion Strings from Oh my goodness, these look incredibly delicious! It’s got almost everything I like on a hamburger.
  8. Cheeseburger In Paradise, A Jimmy Buffet Favorite from – What I like about this one is all that cheese, and I love the idea of adding the Bisquick. Great recipe for cheeseburger lovers.
  9. Black and Blue Burgers from – There’s that blue cheese again. Tasty. It’s spicy and has cole slaw. Great combination!
  10. Carolina Style Burgers from – Beef, chili, and slaw to boot! This one’s low in calories, too.

Sweet Tea BBQ Grilled Hamburgers

Sweet Tea BBQ Grilled Hamburgers

Sweet Tea BBQ Grilled Hamburgers


  • 3 lb ground beef
  • salt to taste
  • Sweet Tea Marinade
  • Spicy Chili Seasoning (sprinkle lightly)
  • Hickory Smoke Barbecue Sauce


  1. Season ground beef.
  2. Form beef into patties.
  3. Cover patties with the marinade.
  4. Grill, basting with barbecue sauce.
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Imagine the number of hamburger ideas we could all come up with. The list would go on and on, and we would be craving hamburger for weeks.

If you try one of the 10 Best Hamburgers, tell me what you think. Better yet, follow the links to the websites where I found those hamburger recipes. I’m sure the bloggers/website owners will be happy to have you visit.

Now Go Enjoy A Hamburger! 🙂


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