Strawberry Shake and Snack Recipes

Strawberry Snacks Looking for a healthy snack to get you through the day? Try these strawberry nutritious shake recipes to give you a daily boost. Strawberry Cream Shake & Ice Cream I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and earn a 25% commission on Beachbody products that are purchased through…

Buttermilk Pastry and Cookie Round-Up Recipes

Cookie and Pastry Recipes Buttermilk is nutritious, and a glass of it every day could bring you benefits. But wait! You don’t have to force down plain buttermilk if you can’t stand the sour beverage. Add it to your July 4th holiday recipes!

Buttermilk Pie and Bread Pudding Recipe Round-Up

Buttermilk’s Benefits What benefits could possibly come out of buttermilk other than its creaminess that makes recipes have a richer flavor? Surely the sour taste of buttermilk that is comparable to drinking a glass of sour cream can’t be all that beneficial. Or can it?

Buttermilk and Strawberries for Breakfast

Buttermilk was often enjoyed by my family as I grew up as a night-time snack with crackers. I have many memories of my dad standing at the end of the kitchen counter drinking the stuff. He would crush a few crackers into the buttermilk and eat them with a spoon….