Chicken salad is a good recipe to make when you’re under the weather along with chicken soup. Make my St. Patrick’s Day Chicken Salad. Chicken Salad for Comfort Food Chicken salad is comfort food. It’s good for any day and any season of the year. I came up with the recipe when I had severe vertigo – in the spring. Chicken salad sandwiches are quick and easy on a hot summer day. They go great with soup on a cold and wintry day. Chicken salad sandwiches are good to eat no matter what the weather is like. Feeling under the weather is a phrase startedRead More →

Got no plans for July 4th? Decorate your table with quick vintage pieces for the fun of it. Bring out things that mean something to you and do a tablescape with them. At home alone on this holiday? Here are a few ideas to enjoy the day: Light a scented candle that you love. Read a book you haven’t had time to read. Listen to music you like. Call a friend. Work on a puzzle. Bake some bread. Decorate your table with vintage pieces you’re fond of. Bring out the snacks, and invite someone over to enjoy them with you. Happiness on a holiday isRead More →

Every day is a perfect day for a shrimp scampi recipe. Just because you’re used to it being loaded with calories, however, doesn’t mean you have to go skimpy on the rich buttery flavor. Try this tasty cabbage and shrimp recipe out, make it for your family (it’s kid-friendly), or serve it to your guests.Read More →

Tired of Clutter? Need Extra Storage Space? Need to declutter your home? Downsizing, organizing, and improvising are important for everyone at some point in life, whether you live in a tiny home or large home. Moving from a larger home to a small one takes a big adjustment and requires a lifestyle change.  Downsizing may not be your choice, so don’t worry if you still are happy having your extra space. But for the lifestyle changers ready to live in a smaller home, perhaps, you are over the big house hassles of cleaning, dusting, and maintenance and don’t need all that space. If that’s you,Read More →

Make this berry smoothie recipe that is Keto-adaptable. Choose strawberries, blackberries, or blueberries, and even add veggies. Ten large strawberries or twenty blackberries contain 14 grams of carbs each. That’s a lot of carbs for the Keto dieter who only consumes twenty carbs per day. So how can you eat berries or drink a berry smoothie AND do a Keto diet?Read More →

Include broccoli in your omelet. Little florets with lots of cheese makes a yummy veggie omelet breakfast.                 Steamed Broccoli I like steamed broccoli. The best way to cook broccoli is boil it in water for five minutes, turn off the burner, cover the pot, and let it set for 20 minutes. You get tender broccoli that isn’t overcooked to mush. The last time I made an omelet with broccoli, I just added small florets with the eggs. It tasted awful. Too crunchy for me. Crunchy broccoli is great if eating it raw, dipped in ranch dressing. ThisRead More →

Egg Pizzas Can Help with Losing Weight Make this Onion & Cheese Egg Pizza if you’re trying to cut back on calories, eat healthy foods, and lose weight. Egg pizzas are filling. Satisfying. Serve this recipe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The whole meal is only 417 calories. My Story About Making Egg Pizza The first time I made egg pizza, I was cooking an omelet. I hadn’t even thought about pizza. It was morning. I don’t eat pizza often. But when I do, it’s a dinner item, not breakfast. So as I folded over the omelet halfway, on a whim, I decided to foldRead More →

  Ribeye Steak & Baked Potato Easy Slow Cooker Meal Make this Mesquite-Tea Ribeye steak in the slow cooker. You can add potatoes in the same pot and have a complete slow-cooked meal. Easy Ribeye Dinner in the Slow Cooker Serve a ribeye dinner to your guests. Easy. No fuss. Season and marinate and pop into the slow cooker. It’s that easy. You’ll love this ribeye dinner, and so will your guests. What’s even better? You can take the time to visit with your company because you don’t need to stand over the grill. The slow cooker does the cooking for you. Yep. It’s thatRead More →