How About a Chili Relleno? Make a chili relleno when you grill hamburgers the next time. I did, and my hubby LOVED it! The last time my husband and I had a grilling night, we used our last of the ten-pound log of 95% lean hamburger from the freezer. That beef log saved me from meat shopping for a month. Less than $40, the hamburger provided for meals of hamburgers, meatballs, mini meatloaves, and chili – for up to a month. Grilling those last hamburger patties from the beef log made the perfect meal with roasted chili relleno. I love to eat chili relleno but hadRead More →

“What?” you ask. “That’s $25 per week for one person, right?” Frugal grocery shopping can help no matter if buying for one or five in a household. One person can take on the challenge of spending no more than $25 per week, but no, there are two of us in my house. The food blogger who challenged me to do the $25 per week grocery haul, Patty Cake from, has a household of five – and she managed to keep her groceries under $25 every week for the most part. My Experience with $25-Per- Week Grocery Shopping I can tell you that after fiveRead More →

Think you can budget your groceries at $25 weekly for a family of two? It’s manageable but challenging. When I began a $25-per-week food budget with food blogger Patty Cake in July, I didn’t believe it was possible. Now, I know that this food budget can work for my household of two people – just not every week.Read More →

Southern hospitality… comes in different ways like serving your company a hearty meal and a big glass of iced tea, making chicken soup to take to a friend who is under the weather, or baking a cake or cookies to give to a neighbor. This week, however, southern hospitality is taking on another meaning. It’s helping Southeast Texans who are devastated by Hurricane Harvey and have lost their homes, cars, food, or everything they own. It’s the kind of hospitality that means bringing a boat to rescue people. I grew up in the Gulf Coast city of Port Arthur, Texas and have lived in Houston, Texas andRead More →

How do you make it for a week of spending only $25 for groceries? It’s not easy, but it can be done. In this post, I’ll be showing you how I did on the third week of a grocery budget challenge. Results of the Third Week’s Grocery Budget The first two weeks were manageable. Actually, the first week was exciting. I was very curious if it was possible for me to spend no more than $25. That week was a success. The second week was a little more difficult – at least I thought it was until I bought groceries this third week. Tallying upRead More →

A Pressure Cooker Meatloaf Chili Recipe Are you a recipe reader who likes to first read the story about the recipe? Or do you prefer to get the recipe right up front and forget the food culture part of it? For the get-the-recipe-first reader, I’m treating you this evening with my meatball chili recipe first! But before you read it, do take time to see the video I made today after cooking the chili. Here you go: Print Meatball Chili Easy meatball chili recipe in the pressure cooker Course Main Course Cuisine American Servings 2 Author Angie Horn Ingredients 1 Can Low Sodium Chili withRead More →

When is the last time you set a $25-per-week- budget for groceries? During July and August, I have participated in a $25 per week grocery challenge. The first week took very careful planning. This second week was fairly simple because I had leftovers from the first week and didn’t require much. In this post, I’ll share the amount spent and how two of us, my husband and myself, are making it with the $25 budget.Read More →

How can a family eat for $25 per week on a food budget in the USA? Is it even possible to eat for so cheap? That could depend on factors like: how many people there are in the family if the family follows any particular diets such as vegan, organic, or low carbohydrate, etc. what part of the country the family lives in if the family shops at inexpensive or high-end supermarkets whether or not the family saves with couponsRead More →

What is a haystack? Look the word up on the Internet and find multiple definitions: an app, digital business cards, piles of dried and cut grass stored for grazing animals. That’s not all. Do an online search for food haystacks, and you’ll come up with a zillion types of haystacks such as: a starchy food dish Butterscotch Haystacks vegetarian haystacks a haystack dessert Frito Haystack Amish Haystack Hawaiian Haystack Cherry Chocolate Haystacks Adventist Haystacks Mexican Haystacks Mennonite Haystacks Peanut Butter Haystacks Three Haystack Recipe Ideas This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on them and make a purchase, I make a commission. ThisRead More →

Grocery Budgeting – Week One Budgeting weekly groceries can be challenging. When my food blogging friend, Patti Cake, asked if I wanted to join her in a $25-per-week food budgeting adventure, I said, “There’s no way.” Groceries are expensive, especially meat. Add a gallon of milk and good-quality bread to that meat, and you’ve about reached $25. Saving money on groceries, though, could mean paying off debts and taking care of other needs. I agreed to take on the challenge.Read More →