Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Tomato soup brings back memories from way back for me. I attended the first five years of elementary school in an East Texas town where there was a square. That meant that the courthouse was in the center of the square, and there were businesses across the streets from the courthouse. The school allowed children to walk to the square for lunch if their parents signed a permission slip. My parents gave the okay for me to walk the block to the square for lunch. It was the highlight of any school day for me. There was a drugstoreRead More →

Starting off the new year with low inventory in the kitchen pantry? Recipe creations and different menus can be great fun when you’re trying to make ends meet or waiting until payday. One of the menus I’ve come up with since January 1st is potato soup and Charro beans. You could eat either without the other, but I tried something different this time. Put the beans in a bowl first, then the potato soup over the beans, and top it all with grated cheddar cheese. I’ve added it to my comfort food list. SOOO good. Cornbread would make a great side for this new potato-beanRead More →