Chocolate is worth enjoying occasionally! It’s fun to sit down to an artfully prepared and appetizing breakfast, brunch, snack or dessert (especially chocolate). That’s part of the enjoyment I get out of blogging on Kitchen Southern Hospitality. When I visited a Houston cafe with my daughter, my granddaughters, and friend, I could not resist trying out the featured fancy chocolate muffin shown above. Of course, I had a good excuse reason to buy and devour it – I’m a food blogger! It was the most mouthwatering, delectable, ooey-gooey deliciousness I could have imagined. Mmmmm!!! Twelve Joyful Home Kitchen Things to Try “If you decide toRead More →

Comfort in the Kitchen with Aprons Today is a special day, not because of Cinco de Mayo, but because it is the day my mother was born – May 5. I was inspired to begin the Kitchen Hospitality blog because of her. She was an exceptional lady, and I loved her cooking. She cooked for her family as one of ten children. She and her older sister were given household chores to do, and hers was to prepare the meals. I couldn’t let May 5 go by without honoring her memory on Kitchen Hospitality Products This week I launched a new product now forRead More →

The best kitchen decor is the kind that comes with a story. It serves a purpose in your kitchen and is a great conversation piece. I found the perfect gadget holder one day when I pulled up at a vintage shop. One of the vendors had pulled out several old vintage items from her trunk to show the shop owner. While the owner was making her decision on which things she wanted to keep for the shop, I studied two chair springs. Thinking that I could make use of them somehow in my kitchen or upcycle them to sell, I knew I just had toRead More →

Kitchens have intrigued me since my early memory of eating sugar in a cup and making mud pies. To this day I like sweets and digging in the dirt (though not together). It’s no wonder that I have an herb garden handy just outside my cabin kitchen. Come to think of it, however, I do have dirt and sweet combined. I planted a Sweet Maya Stevia in a basket that sets on top of a scale! If a Stevia plant could talk, this one must be telling me that it felt offended at being placed on top of the scale (one of my favorite vintageRead More →