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I’m Angie, a full-time blogger and writer. I love to blog about food, recipes, life around the kitchen, vintage kitchens, and cooking in small spaces.

I grew up in Texas and learned early in life to eat southern-style vegetables from the garden and fried “organic” chicken. My dad was a pastor, and our family would often be invited to Sunday dinners by farmer families. My mom and grandmothers gathered fruit and vegetables from their gardens and made jams, jellies, and froze summer vegetables – clean, organic, comfort eating!

Cooking with a southern flair is my style. I’ve lived in brick houses with big kitchens, tiny RV kitchen spaces, and a small kitchen in a cabin. No matter the size, my kitchens come with southern hospitality. So get comfy with a cup of coffee or hot tea and enjoy a little while with me.

I love southern cooking, vintage kitchens, upcycled decor, cookbooks, coffee, kitchen herb gardening, creating recipes, and FOOD! I blog about the things that I love here on this blog and also on my Facebook page.

I love breakfast and eggs so much I joined with a blogger friend and created an eBook “Get Cracking!” with egg recipes based on our southern upbringing.

30 Hard-boiled Egg Recipes
Get Cracking Cookbook

So much of our lives is centered around the kitchen, a place of comfort for the whole family and the friends we invite over. FOOD is a four-letter word everybody loves!