Truckers, Save Money. Eat Healthy. Use a Slow Cooker.   Cooking in a big rig takes some ingenuity. Clever. Original. Inventive. It’s not like you’re at home with the stove, able to cook on four burners at the same time. But you can plug in a slow cooker and have a meal as good as you can make it at home. What type of slow cooker is best? There are two kinds of slow cookers to use in a truck – one with a regular plug that requires an inverter or the 12-volt type.Read More →

Exercise and Nutrition for Over-the-Road Truckers Nutrition for over-the-road (OTR) truckers depends on their¬†health needs. Sitting for hours at a time, stress from constant driving and watching out for distracted drivers, little or no physical exercise, and an unhealthy diet can affect the health of professional over-the-road truck drivers.¬†Included in this article are suggestions on ways to incorporate easy-to-do 15-minute workouts and slow cooker recipes you can make inside the truck. The trucker cannot drive ifRead More →