Grown-up Girls Like to Color Have you seen these coloring books for grown-up girls? Some of my writer friends got one. When I saw this one (of course, it’s about food and the kitchen, so I love it!), I just had to get it. I’m getting ready to hang out with my little granddaughter to do some artsy recipes. When I was a young girl, I loved to color. Now my oldest granddaughter likes to color. So I got the coloring book to color with her. Kitchens are for Food and Fun Kitchens are for the whole family to gather to do activities other than just eating. It’s goodRead More →

Strawberries in Summer If I had to pick one favorite thing about summer, it would be fresh strawberries. Plan a Strawberry Picking Outing Want to plan a fun outing with your daughters or sons? Take them to a strawberry farm to pick fresh berries. It’s so much fun. You pick. You pay. Then you take them home and come up with all kinds of recipes for the big basket of strawberries you came home with. My daughter and I were invited by some friend to go strawberry picking when she was a young girl. We had a fun day eating those fresh-picked strawberries.  The strawberryRead More →

 A Summer Breakfast Swiss Chard Colorful swiss chard at the farmers market looks so beautiful! How can a food that looks that pretty be edible as well as nutritious? When I looked up this vegetable to learn about the nutrition, The World’s Healthiest Foods website suggests that only the white stems are good to eat. However, I stir fry the colored stems, too, and they are excellent cooked that way. I discovered other recipes of Swiss chard with a variety of ways to cook the stems as well as the leaves and colored stems such as these websites: – I love Poor and Gluten Free’sRead More →

Nutritional Summer Salad A chilled vegetable salad tastes more appetizing on triple-digit days more than vegetables cooked on the stove. Kidney beans and corn can be eaten out of the can. If possible, buy organic. If not, then drain the vegetables, and rinse the beans. The reason for rinsing them is that there could be something called “oligosaccharides” that may be in the liquid. This is a complex sugar, and it affects how a food is digested. One of the best articles I’ve read with tips to digest beans is Kidney beans that are not cooked are toxic, but the canned ones are precooked.Read More →

Hot summer days inspire chilled recipes. Summer heat waves make you want to stay inside where it’s cool. On days when the temperatures go into triple digits, you need central air. All water coolers do by that time is blow hot air inside. Such hot days make me want to eat recipes for chilled fruit or veggies. Appetites lessen somewhat on a scorching day. Here are a number of recipes to cool you down while weathering the heat: Beet (with the beet greens) and berry smoothie! Start your day with this appetizing drink. Who needs coffee when you can enjoy a breakfast blender meal thatRead More →

Summer has officially arrived with a kick!! When summer comes, the fun thing to do is get the grill out and invite friends over to enjoy barbecue ribs, hamburgers, chicken, shrimp, and your favorite veggies or potatoes. You know you love barbecue meals from the grill if you’re grilling in triple digit heat. If it’s that hot where you are, stay inside (or go somewhere cool) as much as possible and drink lots of water. Other than the first two tips to stay cool and drink water, there are other good tips you need to know for safe grilling. Grilling accidents do happenRead More →

Hamburgers on the Grill NOTE: This post contains an affiliate link which means if you click on it and make a purchase, I make a commission. This doesn’t cost you anything additional. These commissions help to keep the rest of my content free, so thank you! Barbecue hamburgers have already gone on the grill for this Father’s Day weekend. They’re jam-packed with chopped-up yellow and green bell peppers and onion with one egg added to the mix. Families with adults kids who dislike eating vegetables, sneak in some colorful bell peppers in your meat. Chop them up very fine and put them in the middleRead More →

Buttermilk was often enjoyed by my family as I grew up as a night-time snack with crackers. I have many memories of my dad standing at the end of the kitchen counter drinking the stuff. He would crush a few crackers into the buttermilk and eat them with a spoon. It’s about like eating soup with crushed crackers. My parents and brothers liked buttermilk, but I never did. I tried it a couple of times, but one taste was all the sour I could stand. Later, when I was married and learning to cook, I discovered great recipes that called for buttermilk like pancakes andRead More →

“Women who eat more fruits and vegetables reduce weight gain by 24 percent,” a major study revealed, according to The Kitchen Table Book. Berries Visit your local farmers market and pay attention to all of the beautiful fruits and vegetables. You’ll see fresh produce you’ve never noticed if you’re like me. The other day I went to a farmers market for, specifically, strawberries and blueberries and a couple of vegetables. I’d seen a strawberry beverage recipe I couldn’t wait to try, and blueberries are so healthy and good. But I saw a basket of beautiful plump blackberriesRead More →