A Day in the Life of a Food Blogger – with No Cooking

No Cooking

Peanut Butter & Jelly
Raisin Bread Peanut Butter & Apple Butter Sandwich

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Protein for Breakfast

What is a food blogger to do when she gets up in the morning and the electricity goes off? Yes, that happened yesterday. That meant no cooking. First thought was that the lightbulb in the lamp beside me went out. I’ll fix that I thought, reaching over to turn another lamp on. I looked at the clock. It was off. Electric bill? Paid. That’s when I remembered reading somewhere that on a certain day the city would be working in the area, and the electricity would be off all day.

Since I couldn’t cook (although no cooking recipes sure come in handy) my favorite, eggs for protein, I decided on raisin bread because it tastes good even without being toasted. But not just raisin bread.

raisin bread for breakfast
Rasin Bread Sandwich

Raisin bread peanut butter and jelly sandwich. More technically, natural, raw, organic peanut butter (the kind that you get at supermarkets from a machine); homemade apple butter with a cinnamon flavor (purchased on a road trip in Kansas); and two slices of raisin bread. Delicious!

The protein from the raisin bread sandwich was just what I needed for a weed-pulling, yard-cleaning, three-hour workout. In the afternoon, I took my laptop to a pizza place and ate a salad and pizza – a treat I seldom allow myself to do.

Starting a Food Blog

Starting a food blog can be very challenging. When I began blogging about recipes at kitchenhospitality.blogspot.com, becoming a serious food blogger wasn’t the goal I had in mind. Then I met Nina Amir, chauffeured her around town for a weekend back and forth from her hotel to lunches and dinners  and the writing conference she was teaching. Nina is the author of How to Blog a BookChauffering Nina meant that I got to attend the lunches and dinners with her but more than that. Besides attending the conference, I was able to spend quality time with her, ask her questions, and learn from her expertise.

Blogging Tools

  1. How to Blog a Book

    This is a great tool to use to accomplish a goal to write a book. I changed my blog to kitchenhospitality.com, a wordpress.org site, and started my kitchen blog all over. Although I had the recipes from the first blog with the domain at blogspot.com, the new “.com” blog took on a new meaning. It was a new start, a new blog, a new beginning – and a lot of work.

  2. Marketing

    You can blog all you want to, but if you don’t market what you write, you’ll be the only one reading your blog. I began a FaceBook page (“Kitchen Hospitality” was taken, so I use “Kitchen Southern Hospitality“), added a “Cooking with Angi” Twitter account, and started blogging more on kitchenhospitality.com. It takes a constant effort, consistent blogging, and connecting with other food bloggers.

Currently, I’ve joined with food blogger friend at PattyCakesPantry.com in a traffic-generating experiment in an effort to increase traffic to our blogs. We did the experiment for the month of February and have decided to extend it through March. This month, however, we will be writing posts related to topics of our most popular posts and information received through analytics.

If you’d like to follow the traffic-generating experiment, the results and posts about it are published at highdesertblogging.com. Got food-blogging ideas that have helped your blog’s traffic? I’d love it if you’d comment about them. Thanks so much for visiting kitchenhospitality.com!



  1. Your empty refrigerator reminds me of something that my daughter said about me not making dinner because I was just making food for my blog. We had food in the house, but it wasn’t anything that she wanted to eat.

    1. Author

      There comes a time in even the blogging life that a refrigerator requires emptying, cleaning, and starting over fresh. 🙂

  2. That Raisin Bread Peanut Butter And Apple Butter Sandwich look so enticing ♥


    1. Author

      Summer Daisy, it was quite refreshing. Using raisin bread made the sandwich a delight to eat.

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