Easter Egg Fun Easter is fun for all the family but especially children. Candy and money tucked inside plastic eggs bring squeals of delight from children. Real eggs that moms colored and hid for Easter egg hunts excite little ones. Eggs make up a huge part of Easter. Easter egg hunts. Plastic eggs. Deviled eggs. Potato salad with chopped boiled eggs. Egg recipes, Easter egg hunts, and colorful spring outfits make Good Friday through Easter Sunday for toddlers as well as school-age children and adults, the children at heart. It’s a fun family time. When I was growing up, my dad was the pastor ofRead More →

Teacakes for Spring and Weddings Old-fashioned teacakes make me think of my grandmother, my dad’s mother. I called her MaMa, an endearment that I’ve seen spelled numerous ways. In fact, I’ve spelled it differently at various times in my life. It sounds like MawMaw and Momo, maybe somewhere in between. Sort of like MawMo. It’s a southern thing. But then, I’m from the South. Not just from the South, though. I’m talking about Deep South. East Texas kind of South. We have our own kind of southern drawl. But to make things simple in this blog post, I’ll stick to MaMa. When I went toRead More →

Hamburgers for the Family Spring has arrived! The thought of it makes me think of several things. Outdoors. Flowers. Gardens. Children playing outside. Smelling the aroma of hamburgers on neighborhood grills. Everyone has a favored type of hamburger. Some like it grilled the old-fashioned way over charcoal. My mother-in-law always told her kids, if the hamburgers (or any other food) were burnt, that charcoal is good for your teeth. How do you like your hamburgers cooked? Medium well, well done, or medium rare? With cheese? Would you like that with onions? Years ago my friend, Dimity, got me hooked on hamburger buns toasted or grilledRead More →

When I was young and went on road trips with my family, my parents would purchase snacks for the car and hotels. Mother loved apples and peanut butter. Daddy loved peanut butter crackers and Doritos, nacho cheese, chips. There were plenty of other snacks, but those stand out in my memory – probably because those were their favorites. Even later in life, my parents continued to favor those particular snacks. Have you tried an apple with peanut butter on it? It’s really good. If you’re traveling and stop by a convenience store, of course, the easiest snacks to find are chips and crackers. So let’sRead More →

The Big Rig Macaw and Owner, Larry St. Patrick’s Day is the birthday of a very special Harlequin Macaw named Muggsy. Happy 32nd Birthday, Muggsy! Muggsy travels in a big rig with his owner, Larry whom my husband Greg met at a truck stop in Texas. Greg mentioned to Larry that I’m a blogger and asked if I could call him, and he agreed. Fascinated about this beautiful bird my husband met, I contacted Larry and learned about the amazing Muggsy. I had read about macaws and already had a list of questions of things I was curious about, including these: “Larry, does Muggsy screamRead More →

Healthy Easter Treats What treats can you make your grandchildren when their parents have put them on a strict diet – one without sugar? Many children and adults are required to maintain a diet without sugar all of the time, every day of their lives. It’s like a culture shock for a person used to eating sweets to change over to a healthy way of eating without sugar. But imagine if everyone agreed to live without sugary foods. That would change everything, wouldn’t it? How would candy, bread, dessert, and everything-else-loaded-with-sugar-in-it companies make it? They would close their doors. I love sweets, and so doesRead More →

Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, and Rye Bread Is it the corned beef, rye bread, or sauerkraut that makes a Reuben sandwich Irish? If you research the history of the Reuben sandwich, you’ll learn that it originated in New York City when it was invented by German immigrant Arnold Reuben. Neither corned beef or sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) is a popular food in Ireland. You can, however, find organic rye bread there. Irish immigrants to America substituted corned beef for pork because it was less expensive. So if you’re planning a trip to Ireland and hope to enjoy the best Irish Reuben sandwiches everywhere, you should probably countRead More →

Raw Veggies Grilled Meat and Veggies Time changes tonight already, and spring will arrive soon. Know what that means? Time to bring the grilling gear out. In my household, we don’t wait for weather temperatures to go way high before grilling. In fact, this afternoon my hubby grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, onions, and mixed veggies for dinner (we like to grill extra so there will be plenty of leftovers). The aroma of those wood chips on the burning coals – AH! In my household, we don’t wait for weather temperatures to go way high before grilling. In fact, this afternoon my hubby grilled hamburgers, hotRead More →

Salsa with Sweet and Spice Salsa amazes me. There are so many to choose from at the supermarkets. I like to look at the varieties when I go on road trips across the country. Individuals and food companies have special secret ingredients. I’ll let you in on a secret. I have my own secret salsa recipes. How it works is I come up with certain vegetables, spices, and herbs to make the recipe and forget to write it down. My husband loves salsa, and I make it often for him. One ingredient added or left out can complete When I try salsa that friends haveRead More →