McIntosh Apple-Less Tree

Does an apple a day keep you feeling healthy? It’s that time of year – apple season. Apple trees are supposed to grow well in the High Desert I was told. Since I love apples and had been trying my hand at gardening vegetables, I thought why not plant an apple tree and other fruit. I purchased a grape vine (that’s growing like crazy) and a dwarf McIntosh tree that planted last fall. In the fall the little tree had tiny apples that actually tasted good. Come spring, beautiful blossoms grew. Surely, I’ll have a nice bunch of apples in the fall – I thought.Read More →

Route 66 Road Trip

Sharing malts in Autumn is a treat to enjoy while the days are still warm. Delgadillo’s Snow Cap in Seligman, Arizona is the place to stop for a fun Route 66 ice-cream break. The place will trick you before you make it to the counter to order. My husband pulled the door handle to go in. Nothing happened. He pulled the wrong handle. There are two, one on each side of the door. The service is hilarious. The malts are great. We left full of malts and of laughter. According to reviews of Delgadillo’s cafe, anything you order from their kitchen is good. We orderedRead More →


  Fall comfort foods make me think of candy corn and pumpkins. My husband and I would take our daughter to pumpkin patches when she was a young girl. These were special field trip days. She was homeschooled back then because of our RV lifestyle necessary for my husband’s job. There was no schoolwork done on those occasions. We would take a huge pumpkin back to the trailer, and I would boil the pumpkin and make homemade pumpkin bars, topping them with cream cheese. Before the first day of fall, I’m already thinking of the season’s holidays and favorite recipes.Nostalgia fills the air as theRead More →