¬†Apricots, Berries, and Dessert   Back on July 4th holiday weekend, I visited with a neighbor over a cup of coffee and a mini croissant, treats offered by my neighbor. She showed me her apricot tree full with ripe fruit ready for the picking. She filled a large bowl with the apricots and said I could have as many as I wanted. I took half of the amount home and made my first apricot cobbler. I had made peach cobblers before but never an apricot cobbler. Since the holiday weekend, my neighbor made apricot jam and brought me a jar of it. I made anotherRead More →

EGG RECIPES How many egg recipes do you think you can come up with? When I think I can’t come up with another one, I discover yet one more recipe that calls for an egg. A foodie blogger friend, Patti over at PattyCakesPantry.com, and I went on an egg recipe binge. We had fun trying out different meals that included hard boiled eggs. Our husbands tolerated our meal experiments but didn’t think that it was so much fun as we did (though they did eat our creative egg dishes). Patti and I scheduled tasting meals and snacks, voting on our favorites. The favorites were publishedRead More →

I love candles and how their aroma fills a house. Apricot, mango, peach and vanilla are among my favorites. This morning I enjoyed the best home fragrance, better than any candle aromas. Baked apricot cobbler. Delicious! Apricots bring back fond memories of visiting my paternal grandmother (we called her Momo – sounds like Mom – O or Mom – Aw). Momo liked apricots. She had an apricot tree and liked to make one of her specialty cakes with apricot baby food. The apricot cake was moist and tasted scrumptious. The scent of this morning’s cobbler filled the house and made me think of the apricotRead More →

Chia seeds have become a popular nutritional staple in today’s kitchen. They can even be a substitute for an egg. How can a person grow up without ever knowing about these tiny seeds? Since hearing so much about chia seeds’ health benefits and drinking them in a beverage at a Mexican market, I was inspired and purchased a large bag of them. I forgot that I had them until reading¬†Chocolate Banana Chia Seed Smoothies over at the Joy Love Food blog. Joy’s recipe got me all inspired, and I remembered my chia seeds. Got a minute to read about my experiment? I have a habitRead More →

Happy 239th Birthday, United States of America! How do you think the signers of the Declaration of Independence celebrated when they had all signed and were free from Great Britain? I was curious about what foods they ate when they celebrated and did an online research. One website revealed that booze played a large part of Revolutionary heroes and that Thomas Jefferson had an enormous wine tab when he left the White House. The life and culinary interests of Thomas Jefferson, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, is particularly fascinating to me.¬†Jefferson was very generous in hospitality. When he was President ofRead More →