imageKitchens have intrigued me since my early memory of eating sugar in a cup and making mud pies. To this day I like sweets and digging in the dirt (though not together). It’s no wonder that I have an herb garden handy just outside my cabin kitchen. Come to think of it, however, I do have dirt and sweet combined. I planted a Sweet Maya Stevia in a basket that sets on top of a scale! If a Stevia plant could talk, this one must be telling me that it felt offended at being placed on top of the scale (one of my favorite vintage finds). I think the little herb only has one or two tiny leaves hanging on. The rest of the plant shriveled up, and it’s the second one I’ve tried to grow. Too much sun? I don’t know. According to the directions on the little card that came with it, the Stevia plant grows well in the sun. This one hasn’t, so I’ve thought about moving it to a shaded area.


Fitting the cottage cabin’s rustic style, vintage kitchen finds draw my attention at flea markets, yard sales, and vintage shops. One of my latest kitchen treasures came from the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market that I’ve read about in the Flea Market Style Magazine.

Rose Bowl Flea Market
Me at Rose Bowl Flea Market









My friend Rusty and I went on Mother’s Day. She’s got an eye for unusual antiques, beneficial for her as she is president of So Cal’s high desert’s Lucerne Valley Museum Association. Before telling you about our finds, however, there were two things that did not occur on our flea market trip that I would have loved. Meeting Ki and taking more than two pictures! I always take loads of pictures, but Rusty and I got so carried away by the huge Rose Bowl market that I totally forgot about taking pictures. Rusty and I both took a couple of photos and spent the rest of the time walking and shopping.


While Rusty was keeping a lookout for antiques, I had kitchens in mind and found a 1930-ish linen fork holder. It’s great for storing in the kitchen and picnics – and it’s red with a sprinkle of blue flowers (my favorite two colors!) and “FORKS” stitched in green.



I do love red kitchens. My first tiny apartment kitchen had red in it with strawberries. Years passed, and so did the red kitchen decor except for a utensil crock painted with strawberries by aunt and a knife and strawberry peeler with red handles that my mother purchased in Switzerland on a missions trip with my dad one year. The two red-handled utensils have traveled with me around the U.S. in my RV kitchens and are currently well-cared for in my cabin kitchen. I consider them part of my kitchen comfort from Mother.

iphone photos 1037









I’m joining Pink Saturday in time for red, white, and blue and July 4th! I’ve got my red, white, and blue – kitchen utensils, red “FORKS” with blue flowers, and my white ruffled jacket at Rose Bowl Flea Market – that counts for red, white, and blue -right? 🙂




  1. I love that fork holder. I could use something like that for my picnic basket. I can imagine that the Rose Bowl flea market would be overwhelming. It must be huge.

    1. It was overwhelming – and hot and windy! But it was fun.

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