Vegetables and Fruit – Smoothies or Not?

Frozen Strawberry Shakeology Smoothies

Don’t like to eat much fruit or vegetables? Mix them in smoothies. Try a Shakeology vanilla, latte, or chocolate flavor and blend with frozen strawberries. Making nutritious smoothies, or juicing, is simple to do and a great way to get But is juicing really the healthiest way to go?

Making nutritious smoothies, or juicing, is nothing new but still is a healthy way to include nutrition in your daily diet. But is juicing really the healthiest way to go? Kari Hartel gives the pros and cons to juicing.

I was raised in the South on fruits and vegetables from the garden, and I liked them. I still do. However, a lot of my friends like to eat fruits but don’t care for vegetables or have never tried some of them. They usually tell me they don’t know how to cook them or the vegetables don’t taste good to them.

My paternal grandmother and her sister, Ruth, taught me a trick to cooking vegetables. Add butter (real butter, not margarine) and a tablespoon of sugar. Following their advice made vegetables taste much better to me. The butter and sugar make vegetables like yellow summer squash, sweet green peas, and Brussels sprouts taste more flavorful.

Vegetables that are overcooked become mushy and taste awful. Bring them to a boil on medium-high to high for five minutes then cover and cook on low or simmer for about 20 minutes. Nutrients are not so easily lost that way.

Try my grandmother’s and Aunt Ruth’s vegetable trick. You might decide you like vegetables after all. If not, do the smoothies. Be sure to add a protein powder to them, and only use half the amount of fruits as you do vegetables.

You can purchase protein powder at your local organic store or grocery market. Look around for the best price. I’ve tried three or four brands. One powder I’ve used recently on a detox program tastes disgusting to me. It’s healthy, no doubt. But gagging when I drink a vegetable/fruit smoothie is not my idea of enjoying a meal. The powder came with a 21-day detoxification plan and took some getting used to and a lot of creativity with smoothie recipes. I’ve included a beet, carrot, and spinach smoothie recipe.


Vegetables and Fruit – Smoothies or Not?
Recipe Type: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Author: Angie with
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 2
Vegetable and fruit smoothie
  • Spinach Leaves, handful
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1/2 Beet
  • 1 Banana
  • 1-2 Cups Water, Coconut Water or Milk (can use Almond milk instead or in addition for flavor)
  • Cinnamon to taste
  1. Slice carrots, beet, and banana.
  2. Put spinach, carrots, beet, banana and water into blender (can use juicer).
  3. Add cinnamon and protein powder.
  4. Chop, grate, blend, and liquify.

Vegetable and fruit smoothies are good to drink if you include a balanced amount and the fiber. For instance, I use the apple peeling instead of discarding it. That adds fiber. Another thing I do sometimes is mix a few vegetables together and cook on my griddle. I like to eat my food, not drink it in a shake. Therefore, on the detox diet I’ve drank as much of an eight-ounce shake as I can stand with the gross-tasting powder in it. Then I eat the side of vegetables. Makes me enjoy the meal a little more.

Smoothies and summer go better together I think. When it’s cold, the last thing I want is a shake. But spring is almost here, and summer is coming. Bring on the smoothies!



  1. My Dad didn’t like asparagus or Brussel sprouts until my mom roasted them in the oven. You should try it sometime. Your website is nice.

    1. Author

      Someone else mentioned last week to me about roasting Brussels sprouts in the oven. I must try that. I don’t remember my mother cooking asparagus or Brussels sprouts when I was growing up. Brussels sprouts are among my fav vegetables! Cut them in half, boil them with a little sea salt and some butter – tastes wonderful!

  2. I have to give that recipe a try!

    I juice every day. My friend and I split the cost of a juicer at work, so now I don’t have to lug it around. I agree about the missing fiber, but my philosophy and guidelines are:

    1. Juice vegies, blend fruit.
    2. Juice or blended fruit replaces a meal
    3. Drink within 25 minutes of juicing or blending – or lose all those great macro-biotics
    4. For fast juicing, stick with staples and add no more than 2 additions.
    5. Cut the vegie taste with 1 type of fruit, such as apple or orange
    6. Make sure I eat salad at another meal during the day.
    7. Use pulp from juicing in my worm farm!

    My new recent fav is pineapple and spinach in a blender on high for 3 min. Serve over ice to cool after blending. DELISH!

    Try watermelon and mint…so refreshing!!

    1. Author

      Tell me more about your worm farm! I have tried pineapple in my veg smoothies and am craving that again. Pineapple, strawberries, and bananas are my fav fruits to use for the smoothies. I prefer spinach over kale. Kale doesn’t seem to blend smoothly enough for me, so I stick with the spinach. Great juicing suggestions!

  3. I love fruit and vegetable smoothies, and I really like that new plug in you have on your website. It makes it so much more convenient to print out your recipes. I always add a little bit of ice to mine, too. It makes them icy cold and delicious. Also, I prefer to use a heavy duty blender instead of a juicer. When you use the juicer, you use all of that fiber in the vegetables. If you use the blender, you emulsify everything, but still have the fiber. Good combination.

    1. Author

      In the summer I often put ice in, too. I also use a blender which works just fine. No need to get a juicer because I don’t “juice” every day. Thank you for your input.

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